Traveller Thursday has Returned

Blaugust Day 18


In April while browsing Twitter I came across some beautiful Guild Wars 2 screenshots with the hashtag #TravellerThursday. My interest was piqued so I followed that hashtag and eventually came to the blog of the Traveller of Tyria.

In March he started a project called Traveller Thursday where he posts some of his favorite screenshots (usually taken in the first person) from his time exploring Tyria. I highly recommend going and checking out his archives and looking through all the screenshots he has posted so far. He also encourages others to share their screenshots by tweeting him @gw2traveller with the hashtag #TravellerThursday.


I believe prior to discovering Traveller Thursday between April 5, 2013 and April 5, 2015 I had taken around 250 screenshots. After discovering Traveller Thursday I have taken approximately 374 screenshots in 5 months. During a busy day of classes I always looked forward to opening up Twitter in the evening and looking through the shots people were sharing. Traveller Thursday is a great way to see where people have been exploring and the places they really love. I love exploring in Guild Wars 2, and thanks to Traveller Thursday I’ve discovered and rediscovered so many beautiful places.

Traveller Thursday was on a short hiatus, but it recently returned so keep your eye on the #TravellerThursday hashtag. In honor of it’s return I wanted to share a few of my own screenshots from Guild Wars 2.


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