Everyday Matters Catch-Up Day 3

Blaugust Day 4

EDM Day 2&3
EDM Day 3: Draw your wallet

Going to keep things short again today. For the past year at least, maybe it’s been longer I switched from using a wallet to a rubber band. Wallets tend to get too bulky. I just want to carry the essentials on me, no more no less. I probably could achieve this with a wallet, but the rubber band suits my needs just fine.

I wish I would have cleaned both of these sketches up a bit, as both feel a bit rushed and the line work is less than stellar. I am definitely going have to come back and draw the lamp a few more times to try and capture its depth more accurately. Turns out it is more difficult to talk about the actual drawing than I thought it would be.

Well, now that I have figured out some things I need to work on I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of what I hope to talk about tomorrow. I also really need to to try and catch-up on all the Blaugust posts tomorrow.

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Blaugust Day 2

Late start today. I had originally planned to do an Everyday Matters Challenge catch-up post, but my scanner decided that today wasn’t the day for that. Instead, I want to say a few things about Blaugust and talk about another drawing challenge I am doing that I have been slacking on for the past few months. (No, this blog won’t be all about challenges. At least I don’t think it will be.)


We are only 2 days into Blaugust (some of you time travelers are already into day 3), and it has been great so far. I’ve already read so many wonderful posts, and still have so many more to read- still working through all the day 1 posts. For some reason when I started reading through day 1 posts last night I started commenting on nearly every post I read. Unfortunately, since there is somewhere around 84 Blaugustians right now it isn’t going to be feasible to comment on every post this month. Sometimes we enjoy a post but don’t really have anything to say. So I wanted to share a few ways we can show our support besides commenting.

  1. If they’re using WordPress hit that like button if you enjoyed their post.
  2. Favorite and/or Retweet if they tweet about their post, if they haven’t tweeted about their post send out a tweet to the rest of the blogosphere as recommended reading.
  3. On the Blog section of the Blaugust nook click that heart on the right hand corner of their post.
  4. If they provide contact info maybe shoot them a quick email telling them you are enjoying what they’re writing.
  5. Comment anyway. Keep it short and sweet. It can be as simple as “Enjoyed your post.”

I don’t know about anyone else but I would love to receive comments via carrier pigeon.

Okay, this post is already longer than I intended so let’s move onto the next thing.

100 Noses

Back in April I decided that one of the first things I wanted to focus on as I practice and improve my drawing is the human head. So I decided I would start by breaking the head down into its main parts, and go from there. Noses are first on the list.

Noses 1.10001
Click to enlarge.

If you have been following me on twitter prior to Blaugust you may have already seen this page. Anyway, here are 1-10, all done from reference. I’ll be posting a page of 10 at a time, and I already have another page that is nearly filled.

Well, I have some blog posts to read. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day.

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Every Day Matters

Relaxing on beach RS

A Challenge

On July 2, 2015, I started the Everyday Matters Challenge. The EDM challenge is an invitation to anyone from the novice (that’s me) to the professional artist to push their creativity by drawing the things of everyday life. The challenge was spawned from a book by Danny Gregory called Everyday Matters. I have not read the book, but I stumbled upon the challenge list created by Karen Winters on Danny’s site. The list consists of 328 things to draw that are, for the most part, something from everyday life.

Since June of last year I have been drawing every day, sometimes it may just be a line or a few scribbles, but the point is to get something down. Now, drawing every day has become a habit and I look forward to putting pen or pencil to paper and seeing what happens.

When I discovered the EDM challenge my interest was immediately piqued, it’s not always easy to decide what to draw every day. This challenge helps me with that daily decision, and I am looking forward to how it alters my perspective of everyday life. Whether you read it as Everyday Matters or Every Day Matters both apply. This challenge isn’t only about leveling up your artistic skill, but also an appreciation for the everyday things in life and each new day itself.

EDM: Day 1

The first thing to draw on the list was a shoe, so here is my shoe.

EDM Day 10001

With each sketch, I hope to provide an accompanying story/memory or just a few details about the item, the situation, or my thoughts on the sketch itself. Over the next few days, we will be playing catch-up because currently I am on Day 29.

Just Start

Before I wrap up my first post I want to welcome you dear reader and say thanks for stopping by. My original plan for the first post of this blog was to introduce myself and give everyone some background information while explaining my hopes for this blog and the meaning of the blog’s name. I was knee-deep in that post which was originally created in May, but I finally decided I needed to scrap the whole thing, and so I did. I realized that if I didn’t just start- this blog may never see the light of day. Taking that first step is all it takes sometimes. I decided the best way to start was to tell you about a project I am working on right now. Let’s leave the backstories for another time, shall we?