2016 Wrap-Up and 2017 Plans

I hadn’t planned on writing a 2016 wrap-up post or a plans for 2017 post, but here we are. I’m not going to review every month of last year instead I want to hit some of the highlights throughout the year that are both life and gaming related.


During March I finished off my classes for my Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology. It felt really good to be done, but this achievement didn’t feel capped off until the commencement ceremony in June.


I didn’t play many single player games in 2016, two to be exact, but in April I played Papo & Yo and absolutely loved it. I was saving this game until I knew I would have time to play it in only one or two sessions. While I had planned to write an impressions post of the game I never got around to it. If you happen to have this game sitting around I definitely recommend you give it a play through. It took me 4-5 hours to complete the game. If you are going to play Papo & Yo, come for the story and the experience. The story revolves around some heavy topics such as addiction and its effects on relationships and tends to pull at the heartstrings.20160427131758_1


Early in July, I received an unexpected e-mail from a former professor offering me a position in her lab if I was still interested. I jumped at the chance. Back in March of 2015, I had contacted this same professor about working in her lab, but at the time she had no available positions. So in late July I started working with one of her graduate students.


August was interesting. I was at a church picnic and was running after a frisbee when suddenly I found myself on the ground. I thought I had run into the chair of someone nearby, but when I sat up I saw that I had broken my leg (specifically my left tibia and fibula). My first priority was making sure my sister took a picture of it for me.

If you’re curious what the break looked like and don’t get queasy when it comes to injuries do a search for the French Gymnast that broke his leg during the Summer 2016 Olympics and you’ll have a pretty good idea of my break.

I had surgery about a week later. Titanium ftw!


By early-mid October I was out of my boot, back in a normal shoe, and walking without crutches. And by mid-late October I returned back to work. I can’t describe how thankful I am for quick healing, a supportive family, and an understanding boss.

If we rewind a little bit, at the end of September I started gaming more regularly and was able to finish up the Guild Wars 2 personal story by mid-October. Had lots of spare time as I was recovering, didn’t take full advantage of the time, but at least I got that done.



During November I had my last x-ray and final doctor’s appointment. I also completed Beneath a Steel Sky the 1994 point-and-click adventure game from Revolution Software. I don’t have much experience with point-and-click adventure games from this era, so it took me some time to get used to things, but overall I enjoyed my time with the game.

Leftovers: A few things that don’t necessarily fall within a specific month.

Back in May, I posted that I was going to start playing DCUO, and I did. I played it on and off, and while I enjoyed my time playing, the past three times I have played I have been getting a lot of lag and weird performance issues. So, for now, I am going to set DCUO aside and hopefully come back to it in the future.


Something I have played more than I expected this year especially the last few weeks is Paladins. In November I jumped in after not having played for some time and found that the game felt much improved from my previous time playing it.

2017 Plans

A few of my goals for 2017.

  • Focus and simplify.
  • Slow down. Be deliberate with my time.
  • Get digitally and physically organized.
  • Draw. Draw a lot.
  • Read. I’ve got a stack of books that have been waiting a few years to be read.
  • Take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  • Research potential Graduate Schools.
  • Apply to Graduate School.
  • Complete Guild Wars 2 Story Content (Living World Season 2 and Heart of Thorns)/Catch-up to current Living World Season 3 content.
  • Get through more sinlge player games and MMOs.

August Goals

Blaugust Day 11

august goals 1

We may already be in the second week of August, but that doesn’t mean I can’t set some goals for how I would like the rest of the month to play out. Let’s get right into it.

This and That
  • The past few months our Wii has been stubborn and decided it doesn’t like to read disks anymore. This month it’s finally time to crack it open and see if some tinkering can get the disk drive working again.
  • On July 31, I upgraded to Windows 10- besides some quick customization I have barely spent any time really digging in. It’s time to get better acquainted with the new operating system.
  • Build a desk. I need a dedicated space for studying- normally it’s the couch or my bed. If I at least get started building this month I will be happy.
  • I also have a bookshelf that needs organizing.
To Read
  • Earth One. Not sure what to expect, but I saw it at the library and decided to pick it up.
  • Battling Boy. I’ve seen this comic here and there around the internet so when I saw it at the library I figured I would give it a try.
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns. I read Kite Runner in high school and really enjoyed it. I picked up A Thousand Splendid Suns a few years ago, but for some reason never got around to reading it. This month I will at very least start it, and finish it in September.

I already talked about what I’d like to get done this week in my post on August 8, but I’ll go ahead and reiterate it here so everything is in one place.

This Week
  • About Page: Currently I only have one sentence on this page with a rough definition for the meaning of Static Refresh. I would like to expound upon this further. So, this week I would like to have an About the Blog blurb and an About me blurb.
  • Contact Page: Here I want to add some icons, as well as some of my gaming identities.
  • Blogroll Page: Considering organizing the blogroll into the following categories: Blaugust, Art, Gaming, Writing and Life, and Science (geared towards paleontology and zoology).
Rest of August
  • Catching up and Interacting with my fellow Blaugustians. Sorry everyone I’ve been slacking.
  • Add Currently Playing and Currently Reading sections somewhere, maybe the sidebar not sure yet.
  • Successfully complete Blaugust.

That’s more or less it. I was going to include my Gamer To-Do List for the month but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a fantastic and productive August.

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