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Blaugust Day 3

EDM Catch-Up Day 2 and 3

If you’re not familiar with the Everyday Matters Challenge check out my first post here

Yesterday my scanner wasn’t cooperating, but today it kind of sort of cooperated so here we are with an Everyday Matters catch-up post.

EDM Day 2&3
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EDM Day 2: Draw a lamp

On the left is the lamp that sits on my night stand. Each night I read, write, or draw by its light. This lamp was given to me by my Mamaw (my grandmother), and as I sit by its light and write this blog post, the purpose of the Everyday Matters challenge is becoming more clear. I see this lamp every day, and each night I flip the switch on and off; like so many things it is easily forgotten and often taken for granted. And more often than not it blends in with the rest of my static room. Yet, if I let it, this lamp can act as a conduit to and trigger of memories. Memories of a marvelously stubborn and admirably blunt woman. A woman whose nemeses were the Western Scrub-Jays, and favorite board game was Aggravation. Snack time was at 7 p.m. and the pièce de résistance was popcorn. My Mamaw was amazing and her love knew no bounds. I am so grateful to have spent the time with her that I did.

If you don’t mind I think I’ll leave things there for today, and continue with Day 3 tomorrow.

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Blaugust Day 2

Late start today. I had originally planned to do an Everyday Matters Challenge catch-up post, but my scanner decided that today wasn’t the day for that. Instead, I want to say a few things about Blaugust and talk about another drawing challenge I am doing that I have been slacking on for the past few months. (No, this blog won’t be all about challenges. At least I don’t think it will be.)


We are only 2 days into Blaugust (some of you time travelers are already into day 3), and it has been great so far. I’ve already read so many wonderful posts, and still have so many more to read- still working through all the day 1 posts. For some reason when I started reading through day 1 posts last night I started commenting on nearly every post I read. Unfortunately, since there is somewhere around 84 Blaugustians right now it isn’t going to be feasible to comment on every post this month. Sometimes we enjoy a post but don’t really have anything to say. So I wanted to share a few ways we can show our support besides commenting.

  1. If they’re using WordPress hit that like button if you enjoyed their post.
  2. Favorite and/or Retweet if they tweet about their post, if they haven’t tweeted about their post send out a tweet to the rest of the blogosphere as recommended reading.
  3. On the Blog section of the Blaugust nook click that heart on the right hand corner of their post.
  4. If they provide contact info maybe shoot them a quick email telling them you are enjoying what they’re writing.
  5. Comment anyway. Keep it short and sweet. It can be as simple as “Enjoyed your post.”

I don’t know about anyone else but I would love to receive comments via carrier pigeon.

Okay, this post is already longer than I intended so let’s move onto the next thing.

100 Noses

Back in April I decided that one of the first things I wanted to focus on as I practice and improve my drawing is the human head. So I decided I would start by breaking the head down into its main parts, and go from there. Noses are first on the list.

Noses 1.10001
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If you have been following me on twitter prior to Blaugust you may have already seen this page. Anyway, here are 1-10, all done from reference. I’ll be posting a page of 10 at a time, and I already have another page that is nearly filled.

Well, I have some blog posts to read. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day.

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