Took Me Long Enough


Well, after many sporadic play sessions since February of 2013 I finally reached level 80 on my only Guild Wars 2 character.

Next steps, defeat Zhaitan and then move on to the Living Story, Heart of Thorns, and more Living Story.


It’s Time to Make my Way Through Some Other MMOs

On Saturday, I picked an MMO out of a hat.

I decided it’s time to make my way through the list of MMOs that I want to try, and I’m been trying to think of a way to do this. Unfortunately, being as indecisive as I tend to be I had a hard time just picking a game and saying “yeah, I’ll play that one”. Then I remembered one of Syp’s projects where he made a list of MMOs put them in a hat and then would tackle whichever one he picked for an evening. I really like this idea, but I want to stick with the game longer than one evening.

To do this I’ve decided that I am going to need to implement a schedule, as juggling three MMOs will not be an easy task, especially considering how well I’ve done trying to balance playing two.

You see, this June will mark my 12th year playing RuneScape, and in February, I hit 3 years in Guild Wars 2. I have yet to hit the level cap in either game or be anywhere near completing everything I would like to. In both games, I have one main character. I have dabbled with alts in RuneScape but the majority of my time playing has been devoted to one character, and in Guild Wars 2 I still have four empty character slots that have yet to be touched.

I was introduced to RuneScape when I was in middle school. Those early years saw consistent play and progress. I had quite a few friends in real life playing the game and found a wonderful clan, but both of these things faded. Friends left because they lost interest or they moved onto to other MMOs. The clan I was in eventually disbanded, and since then I have been in multiple clans, but none have been able to capture that feeling of home like that first one. For some people, seeing friends leave a game can act as a deterrent to keep playing, but for me as mostly a solo player I continued on; yes I missed my friends but I also hadn’t lost my passion for the game. I continued playing, and at some point my sister also started playing, so now if I am not soloing we are running around as a duo getting stuff done.

2016-04-20 (23)
I’ve been here a long time, but there is still so much to do.

When it comes to Guild Wars 2 I feel like we were never properly introduced; we never really connected. While I do contribute some of this to getting into the game after my real life friends had already moved on, having yet to join and be active in a guild, and not reaching out to people I know are playing; I think the main reason why I don’t feel a strong connection to Guild Wars 2 is the same reason why for the last few years in RuneScape I have had this feeling of being lost in a familiar world.

That reason would be: playing sporadically.

Some weeks I get a few hours in, others a few minutes. This tendency to play very little or play quite a bit and then not play for days, weeks, or months has plagued me for some time now. I eventually became content with just logging in for daily rewards, because trying to balance high school/university with playing two MMOs and trying to dabble in this game or that game started to feel overwhelming.

I use to have a near encyclopedic knowledge of RuneScape, but now I just feel lost because there is so much that has escaped my notice over the years. As for Guild Wars 2, when you play a part of the story one week and then pick the story back up a few weeks (or months) later not only is it easy to forget what’s going on, but I also find I feel disconnected from my character and the supporting characters. I’ve been playing the personal story on and off for 3 years, and the last time I played it was about 7 months ago.

Come sit at the waterfall and watch the days pass by. Dragons can wait.

So, I think it’s time to change things up a bit.

I’ve come up with a tentative schedule, that I’ll be testing over the next few weeks. Hopefully, a schedule combined with chronicling my progress here will make my gaming time more consistent and deliberate.

Back to the hat.

The game I pulled out of the hat on Saturday was DC Universe Online. My plan with each game I pull out of the hat is to progress to a natural stopping point and then move on to another game. This stopping point may be level cap, end of the main storyline, or when I’ve reached a point where I am not having fun anymore. I figure it will be different for each game, especially since I plan to progress through each game as an F2P player, so I might be in one game for a few weeks and another for a few months. When I’m not in DCUO I will be buckling down in RuneScape and Guild Wars 2 attempting to get reacquainted with each game.

My goal is to make some actual progress in exploring the MMOs out there that I’ve been meaning to dig into but either never get to or just play enough to sample the beginning and never go back. I am hoping over the course of this journey I will gain a good perspective of how feasible it is to progress through these games as an F2P player, and just become a more informed player of MMOs.

If you’re playing the game I’m currently making my way through or have played it feel free to shoot any advice or tips you have my way.

Spider Scurry, Spider Get Smashed

Blaugust Day 30


Yesterday I mentioned I attempted my first Guild Rush in Guild Wars 2 while trying to get to a vista. The Guild Rush I attempted is known as Spider Scurry, and as you might imagine you must traverse Dostoev Sky Peak as a spider.

As a spider you have the following abilities:

  1. Search: Search for area traps.
  2. Web Decoy: Create a clone of yourself at target position on traversable terrain. Can be used to distract foes.
  3. Leap: Fire a web to pull yourself to a target area on traversable terrain. Can be used to pull yourself onto raised platforms.

On my first attempt I ran in and didn’t look at the skill descriptions and quickly died. Turns out there are traps scattered throughout the course that are only visible when you activate your first ability. Besides traps there are also dredge and the occasional turret that will attack you. Who knew the dredge were so proficient at dispatching spiders? It didn’t take long to find out that as a spider you’re not very durable so it’s important to use skills 2 and 3. It also really helps if there are multiple people doing it at the same time and if you have escorts- I suppose that’s why it’s a Guild Rush.

I don’t know how many attempts it took to just reach the first platforms, but if I did know it would be more than I would care to admit. I feel sorry for the people that were helping me. For them it was a continual process of seeing me die and a combination of waiting for me to return or running back to the start to help me. I felt so incompetent, but even though the experience was a bit frustrating at times it was still fun, and I got the vista.

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Helping Hands at Dostoev Sky Peak

Blaugust Day 29

One of the items on my Gamer To-Do List was to complete Part V of my personal story in Guild Wars 2. I didn’t realize that I only had one more thing to do before Part V would be completed. So, when I logged into GW2 today I was expecting to spend most of my time working on the personal story, but it went really quick and I couldn’t continue on to Part VI because I am not level 60 yet. Instead most of my time was spent exploring Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

During my time exploring I came to a vista, and I couldn’t figure out how to get to it. I decided that instead of running around in circles for another 5 minutes I would ask someone, and I did. The person I asked was really helpful and informed me that I would have to do a Guild Rush or at least start it to get where I wanted. I’ve never done a Guild Rush, so this was a completely new experience for me, and I’ll probably go into more detail about this particular Guild Rush tomorrow. For now, I’ll just say there was a lot of failure and incompetence on my part. Luckily, the kind soul who helped me was there with their guild, and I ended up with multiple people from the guild helping me through the Guild Rush.

I didn’t reach the end of the Guild Rush mainly because I didn’t want to take up anymore of the guild’s time, but I did get the vista which was my main objective. I don’t know the guild’s name only that their tag was PT, but I am very grateful for their patience and willingness to help.

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Some Quick Thoughts on Swtor

Blaugust Day 22


Last Saturday, I almost started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (Swtor). Unfortunately, I never got past the first cinematic cutscene. Fast forward one week and this evening I was able to jump in for a little while and at least get my feet wet.

I’m going to keep this short and go through a few things I liked and a few things that were annoying. I hope get some more time in later this week, and then I’ll hopefully be able to talk more about it.

swtor 2015-08-22 21-29-14-419
Meet Tulan.

After I decided to play an Imperial Agent it was off to character customization. I wouldn’t call Swtor’s customization extensive but it provides a good amount of options. Even though there are not a lot of body types to choose from it seemed to me that they covered the spectrum well, although a slider would still be nice. I think what I was most disappointed in was the available hair options. I think there were 20+ but I didn’t feel like there were very many good ones. Overall, you can get a lot of variation in the character customization from scars to skin complexion. You can get someone that looks pristine or someone that looks like they are a little rough around the edges.

The hardest thing was picking a name. I didn’t realize at first that you could only only pick a first name. I then realized I need to expand my pool of names to choose from for new characters. Still not sure if I am happy with the name I chose.

So far the story has been pretty interesting, and if I had to go kill x of this or that the reasons seemed reasonable. I’ve also enjoyed the dialogue and voice acting so far. Currently I am trying to get into the inner circle of the local Hutt (Nemro) under the identity of Red Blade. Apparently the real Red Blade is off gallivanting far far away- so everything should be fine.

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Traveller Thursday has Returned

Blaugust Day 18


In April while browsing Twitter I came across some beautiful Guild Wars 2 screenshots with the hashtag #TravellerThursday. My interest was piqued so I followed that hashtag and eventually came to the blog of the Traveller of Tyria.

In March he started a project called Traveller Thursday where he posts some of his favorite screenshots (usually taken in the first person) from his time exploring Tyria. I highly recommend going and checking out his archives and looking through all the screenshots he has posted so far. He also encourages others to share their screenshots by tweeting him @gw2traveller with the hashtag #TravellerThursday.


I believe prior to discovering Traveller Thursday between April 5, 2013 and April 5, 2015 I had taken around 250 screenshots. After discovering Traveller Thursday I have taken approximately 374 screenshots in 5 months. During a busy day of classes I always looked forward to opening up Twitter in the evening and looking through the shots people were sharing. Traveller Thursday is a great way to see where people have been exploring and the places they really love. I love exploring in Guild Wars 2, and thanks to Traveller Thursday I’ve discovered and rediscovered so many beautiful places.

Traveller Thursday was on a short hiatus, but it recently returned so keep your eye on the #TravellerThursday hashtag. In honor of it’s return I wanted to share a few of my own screenshots from Guild Wars 2.


[Click to view larger versions of the images in the gallery.]

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