Link Bubble and SWTOR

Blaugust Day 25

Today I just wanted to mention an app on Android that I enjoy using.

The app is Link Bubble Browser. Link Bubble loads webpages in the background so that you can continue browsing or looking at whatever else you were doing. I find this particulary useful when browsing Twitter. I’ll see a link to something that looks interesting and click on it, and instead of Chrome or your browser of choice opening, taking you out of Twitter, a small bubble pops up on the side of your screen and you can continue scrolling through Twitter while the webpage loads.When you’re ready to look at that link you tap the bubble and the webpage comes up on top of the app you were on- in this case Twitter. When you’re done looking at the webpage you can share it with another app, save it to a reading later app like Pocket, or close it.

Previously, the free version only allowed you to load one webpage at a time in the background, but recently all the premium features have been made free, so now you can have an infinite number of bubbles.

I should also mention that their is a similar app on the Play Store known as Flynx, that has near identical features. Although I haven’t used Flynx, if anyone has I’d be curious to know what you think of it.

Both Link Bubble and Flynx can be found for free on the Google Play Store.

I also wanted to say a few things about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I was able to play some SWTOR today, and I am really enjoying it so far. I meant to play some RuneScape or Guild Wars 2, but decided to keep playing SWTOR. I’m not very far. I’m level 10 currently, and still on Hutta going by the name Red Blade as I try to deal with competing Hutts. I’ve decided to go light side with my Imperial Agent, whether I go 100% light side or not is still up for debate.

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3 thoughts on “Link Bubble and SWTOR

    1. So far I am enjoying the agent. I like the cover mechanic, it makes me feel like the combat is a little more dynamic than it actually is. The story is good so far and I’m actually caring about the characters. I had to betray someone and I felt bad about it. I’m hoping to see them pop up in the story again.

      How about the bounty hunter?

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      1. tyrannodorkus

        Sounds good for the agent. The BH story is ok so far. It tried rushing an emotional moment far too early, when you didn’t have a chance to connect with the character. The bounty hunting part of the story is good though. Just got off Hutta and will be trying that flashpoint on the ship to Dromand Kas.


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