My Favorite Game I’m Not Playing

Blaugust Day 23

This post is inspired by a writing prompt that Syl over at MMO Gypsy posted on Anook. Although instead of “My Favorite MMO I am Not Playing” I am changing it to “My Favorite Game I am Not Playing.”


That game would be Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. One reason I am not playing it is because my Wii is on the fritz, but even before the Wii stopped reading disks I wasn’t playing the game.

Monster Hunter Tri quickly became the game where I read about the game and watched other people play it more than actually playing it myself.

If you’re not familiar with the Monster Hunter series here is a quick synopsis of Monster Hunter Tri:

Monster Hunter is set in a massive, sublime land where humans and monsters co-exist. You play the role of an up-and-coming hunter, who must accomplish various quests to achieve glory and help the residents of their village survive.

Hunters will track monsters, set traps, and either capture or slay a variety of majestic monsters. When a monster is slain, the hunter can carve off their horns, scales and bones, which can be used to create a huge variety of weapons and armor. These items can be bought or crafted by giving the village blacksmith materials and a fee.

Source: Monster Hunter Tri

I fell into one of those situations where you are constantly trying to learn everything about the thing you want to do without actually doing that thing.

One of things I like about Monster Hunter is that you really benefit from preparing in advance for the fights. Making sure you grab health potions, traps, bombs, whetstones, the appropriate armor and weapon sets, etc. You’re asking yourself whether you have hot drinks when you are entering cold environments or cool drinks when go into the desert or a volcanic area. The combat is slow (most of the time) and deliberate, and you’re also learning how each monster telegraphs their attacks. At the same time it is extremely rewarding.


And as much as I love the preparation it was also a large factor in preventing me from just jumping in and playing. I always felt that by the time I got myself prepared, most of my time to play would be used up and what if I didn’t have time to defeat that particular monster- would I just be wasting time? So I would opt-out of playing, and then would occasionally find myself watching Youtube videos about the game. At that point I would think to myself “Why are you not playing?!” Also the game is on console- I think if it were on PC I would have and would be playing it a lot more.

All this talk about the game makes want to go play it. But I can’t. And when I can, I probably won’t.

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Game I’m Not Playing

  1. tyrannodorkus

    I’ve had games like that where I’d want to play it, but talk myself out of it. I don’t remember which Monster Hunter I’ve tried, but I never could figure it out. I’d attack the boss for a while and not sure if I’m actually doing anything to it.

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    1. Monster Hunter is interesting in that they don’t show a health bar for any of the creatures and bosses in the game. Instead, you have to watch for behaviors that indicate the monster is weak like drooling and limping. Also, you can get some idea of how much damage you have done as horns break, tails get cut off, etc.

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