Some Quick Thoughts on Swtor

Blaugust Day 22


Last Saturday, I almost started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (Swtor). Unfortunately, I never got past the first cinematic cutscene. Fast forward one week and this evening I was able to jump in for a little while and at least get my feet wet.

I’m going to keep this short and go through a few things I liked and a few things that were annoying. I hope get some more time in later this week, and then I’ll hopefully be able to talk more about it.

swtor 2015-08-22 21-29-14-419
Meet Tulan.

After I decided to play an Imperial Agent it was off to character customization. I wouldn’t call Swtor’s customization extensive but it provides a good amount of options. Even though there are not a lot of body types to choose from it seemed to me that they covered the spectrum well, although a slider would still be nice. I think what I was most disappointed in was the available hair options. I think there were 20+ but I didn’t feel like there were very many good ones. Overall, you can get a lot of variation in the character customization from scars to skin complexion. You can get someone that looks pristine or someone that looks like they are a little rough around the edges.

The hardest thing was picking a name. I didn’t realize at first that you could only only pick a first name. I then realized I need to expand my pool of names to choose from for new characters. Still not sure if I am happy with the name I chose.

So far the story has been pretty interesting, and if I had to go kill x of this or that the reasons seemed reasonable. I’ve also enjoyed the dialogue and voice acting so far. Currently I am trying to get into the inner circle of the local Hutt (Nemro) under the identity of Red Blade. Apparently the real Red Blade is off gallivanting far far away- so everything should be fine.

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