Halfway There

Blaugust Day 15


The halfway point is here. Time to reflect a little.

Blogging and writing every day has been good. Even when I have been unsure what to talk about I’ve been able to work through it. The main thing I need to work on is giving myself more time to write. The hard part of Blaugust has been keeping up with all the other participants. I love seeing my feed reader full and always having something new to read. I’m curious how other people have been consuming Blaugust. I would like to be reading everyone’s posts on the day they post them, but instead I have been reading one blog at a time and trying to catch-up on that one blog and then move on to the next.

The problem I have been running into is that if I don’t feel like I am going to have the time or if there is a chance of interruption I end up reading nothing. I’ve got to push past this though and just read. I feel better and more inspired when I am reading other people’s blogs, liking their posts, and leaving comments.

I’m excited for what the rest of Blaugust holds. There are so many good writing prompts and topics people have touched on so far I’m not really worried about getting those next 16 posts out.

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10 thoughts on “Halfway There

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  2. I’m coming to the conclusion that I am not willing to devote the time to reading 50-80+ blog entries every day. This makes me feel hideously guilty, but it’s at least an honest assessment. What with life, the universe, gaming and everything else, I don’t have the 2-3 hours it would take me, and I’m not good at (and don’t enjoy) just skimming stuff; it feels somehow unfair to the author. If I’m going to read I’m going to damn well READ a blog post. 😉

    But I expect I’m not in the minority as far as that goes, and we’re such an unexpectedly huge community this year that some picking and choosing is probably the only sane way to go.

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    1. Well said. I agree.The guilt is the worst part. I also feel guilty for producing a post each day and then never making it over anyone else’s blog. There are so many people out there that I haven’t read yet.


  3. I honestly don’t read every post word-for-word. I am an excellent skimmer and speed reader, so I tend to run through them pretty quickly. If they really capture my attention, then I stick to it, read deeper, and make a better comment.

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    1. I read really fast *on the printed page* — or my Kindle. On the computer, which is where I do my blogging and blog reading, not so much. I guess I should phase my RSS reading over to a device now that I have a shiny new tablet. (#waytohijackapost!)

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      1. My only problem with blogging reading away from the desktop is how every blog is different. I may have to log in differently to comment or the formatting isn’t perfect. I find I need a full keyboard to give blog reading its proper due.

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        1. Likewise. I’m glad someone else gets that! I know tablets and phones and whatnot are awesome, but they ARE NOT a computer. They will have to pry my desktop from my cold, dead hands (though I could do without the million wires).

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