Prompt: Know Your Role

Blaugust Day 14


Another prompt brought to you by Izlain. I found out about it thanks to Tyrannodorkus’ post.

Do you find it difficult to play a role outside of your typical class choices? This can be in an MMO, MOBA, single player RPG or any other game that uses class as a distinction for gameplay.

After thinking about this prompt for awhile I don’t think I have a typical class choice. If anything I may tend to lean toward ranged or jack of all trades classes. My tendency towards jack of all trades classes probably has to do with the fact that most of my MMO career has been spent in RuneScape where there are no defined classes and you can take on any role you want depending on the skills you’ve trained. Although, RuneScape does not really offer any kind of support role so it’s either dps or tanking. Also, besides RuneScape I have never really progressed very far in another MMO, so I’ve never invested time into tanking or healing. Guild Wars 2 is probably the farthest I have progressed in another MMO where I am currently level 57, but there I am playing a ranger.

When I try a new MMO I try to keep an open mind. I may do some research into the classes, but I try to keep the final decision for character creation. I am completely open to trying out tanking or healing, but I have never stayed in another MMO long enough to go beyond mostly dps, and a little healing. I think now I have talked myself into needing to set a goal at some point to seriously invest time into a tanking class and a healing class, although I’m not sure which MMO to choose.

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6 thoughts on “Prompt: Know Your Role

    1. I completely agree. I wish we saw it more often. And if we can’t have that I like to be able to switch between different classes, especially since I almost never make alts.


  1. tyrannodorkus

    Thanks for the quick mention. 😀

    Those jack-of-all-trade roles rule, in my opinion. Never in a situation they aren’t prepared for. EQ2 is always a recommended game of mine, but I totally understand that it could be hard to break into nowadays. FF14 is another that comes to mind with those roles. I couldn’t get into it, but it’s a highly loved game.

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    1. No problem. I would have had nothing to write about if I hadn’t seen your post.

      I’ve been really close to trying EQ2, but never have. I really am going to have to give it a try sometime. I own FF14, just don’t have the time to add it to my current roster of games. It’s so tempting to want to jump into play though since so much of the MMO blogosphere loves it.

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