Blaugust Day 13

Blaugust Day 13

This is not a dinosaur.

Apparently today isn’t Wednesday, it took me half the day to figure that out but now I know. Although I am still skeptical of tomorrow being Friday.

Anyway, I’m going to warn you now I have no idea what I’m going to talk about, so I apologize in advance for the lack of quality and complete randomness. When I don’t know what to draw I start scribbling on the page looking for shapes in all lines, eventually I find something, usually a face, and then try and develop whatever I found a bit further. Unfortunately, I can’t quite do that with words, so instead I will continue typing words until I hit that magical 10 sentences for Blaugust.

I suppose I could talk about a few things one thing that has been on my mind lately. If you’ve been to my About page (no, don’t go look at it now) or seen my August goals post you’ll know that the About page is still under construction, and if you’ve read this blog even a little you’ll know their hasn’t been a main focus. I almost started this blog during the Newbie Blogger Initiative in May, but when I went to write up the About page I froze and set the blog aside until the end of July.

I realized in May that 1) describing yourself isn’t easy and 2) I have an overarching idea I want to infuse into most of what I write on this blog, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do that. When I originally decided I wanted to blog I thought my main focus would be gaming, but then I started drawing more often and I thought it would be interesting to document that journey as I improve my drawing skills. I then realized there probably wasn’t a main focus or at least not a niche focus, and that’s okay. At this point nothing is off-limits for this blog- within reason of course. Writing, drawing, gaming, university, animals, life, dinosaurs, books- its all up for grabs when I go searching through my mind to find something to write.

And look at that 13 sentences. Phew! Whoever said writing was a struggle? (Well actually, I did in my first Blaugust Post)

Blaugust Initiative Page

Blaugust Nook

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