The Gamer To-Do List

Blaugust Day 12

The Gamer To-Do List

This is inspired by Izlain over at Me vs Myself and I and Chestnut over at Gamer Girl Confessions. They both put together to-do lists of what they want to get done in a variety of games, and while I haven’t done a lot of gaming this summer maybe a few goals will give me that extra push.

I am going to try and keep what I want to get done very manageable, and if I happen to get everything done then I will will update the list accordingly.

  • Level Cooking to 92
  • Try Player-Owned Ports: a minigame where you manage and send out a fleet of ships.
  • Try Dominion Tower: a minigame where you can re-fight bosses from quests you have completed.
Guild Wars 2
  • Complete Part V of the Personal Story
  • Map Completion: Gendarran Fields
  • Reach level 60

This month I would also like to try out Star Wars: The Old Republic. I don’t know for sure if it will happen, mostly because when I try Swtor I would like to be able to dedicate at least 1-2 hours to my first play session. When I start playing a new game I much prefer to start with a longer play session than a short one. If there is story I have more time to get hooked in the beginning and I find I am much more likely to remember my first time in a game when I can dedicate at least an hour.

Yesterday, when I put together my non-gaming goals I forgot quite possibly the most important one which is to write up my blog posts prior to 10 or 11pm. I’ve fell into this nasty habit of not writing my blog posts until after 10pm and not publishing until almost midnight. I don’t recommend it. And I don’t like feeling that self-imposed deadline to be done before midnight so I have my post out for the day. Nevertheless, this schedule has gotten me this far so maybe it’s not all bad.

If you’ve come this far and still haven’t checked out Me vs Myself and I and Gamer Girl Confessions you should.

8 thoughts on “The Gamer To-Do List

  1. That’s a fair sounding list, and I think you can easily achieve those goals. My list changes all the time… I either finish something or decide something isn’t for me. Either way, having a mental check list is great, but when it’s written down it feels more solidified.

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    1. It should be easy. I hope. Once I set a goal and figure out it’s not for me I tend to have a hard time setting it aside and moving on. I agree mental checklists a nice, but writing something down really helps.


  2. tyrannodorkus

    Good luck with them. That’s a good plan with SWTOR. If you haven’t started it yet, an hour or two will definitely be needed because that game can suck you in. Was there a specific story line you’re wanting to try in there? Or going in completely blind?

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    1. I have done some research. It seems a lot of people are of the consensus that the Imperial Agent has the best storyline. I am leaning towards the Imperial Agent, but playing a Jedi or a Smuggler are also tempting.

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      1. tyrannodorkus

        The Smuggler was the first one I played. It’s a good choice. The Imperial Agent was fun to play as too as their choices left more ambiguity for interpretation than the rest, it felt like.

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