Everyday Matters Catch-Up Day 4 & 5 and a Question

Blaugust Day 7

If you’re not familiar with the Everyday Matters Challenge check out my first post here

EDM Day 4&5
EDM Day 4: Draw your mug or cup

During a family trip as I child we went to Little America Wyoming where I got this mug. As I kid I loved dinosaurs, and still do, so this Dino Drink was a must have. What I remember best about that trip was some pretty fantastic orange juice, and eating my first bison burger which also tasted great. I remember this trip fondly, and have always wanted to go back to Little America…maybe one day.

EDM Day 5: Draw your bed

Not much to say here really. To the right of my bed is some driftwood. In front of my legs in the sketch are my erasers, pen, and sketchbook. This sketch could have used some more work from the perspective to the folds, and values. It’s a good sketch to look at to remind myself of what I need to continue to work on.

A Question

When you have a topic you want to write about, but don’t feel like you have figured out exactly what you want to say- what do you do? Do you write down your ideas and save it as a draft so that you can come back later to polish it up when your ideas and thoughts are more concrete? Do you write what you have at the moment, hit publish, and revisit the topic later with a new post when you have new or more refined thoughts about it?

I have a few things I want to write about, but at the moment none of them feel like they are fully realized ideas. Maybe I need to start writing and see how far my mind can go with them. Since this is Blaugust I may roll with a few of them and revisit them in the future after my brain has had time to ruminate and contemplate.

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4 thoughts on “Everyday Matters Catch-Up Day 4 & 5 and a Question

  1. I write a note if I don’t have time and a short draft if I do. Then I come back, reread, and fix/expand/etc. I find the time in between drafting and writing to publish helps me get my thoughts in better order.

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  2. It depends on the time I have available. If it’s very little, I jot a note down, usually just a topic/subject and call it a “blog idea.”

    If I think I have the time to explore it, then the casual way would be typing into the blog post editor and just freewriting/musing and seeing if anything legible comes out. Usually if it expands into something more or less readable, I just go with it and post, and tag it “musing” or something similar, to indicate it’s not that well-formed.

    The oodles of free time version would be to formally use a mindmap / concept mapping program to expand on it even further, freewrite into a Word document, and keep going until I really know what the meat of it is, then take that and clean it up into a blog post. But yeah, doesn’t happen too much nowadays, don’t have that much time at hand. 🙂

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    1. That oodles of free time version sounds nice, maybe for after Blaugust though 😀 Thanks for the advice, I will definitely be utilizing the “musing” or “rambling” tag.


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