Trove First Impressions: Part II

Blaugust Day 6

Trove First Impressions: Part I
trove 2015-08-03 14-08-55-423

One of the first things I came upon after I started exploring was a small dungeon where a Golden Scarab resided. As you approach one of these small dungeons an objective will pop up in the right hand corner of your screen telling you to slay whatever is contained in that dungeon. During my time exploring I ran into the Golden Scarab, a Fungal King, and a Dire Wasp. The Dire Wasp was actually in a more open area below some structures resembling honeycombs compared to the Golden Scarab and Fungal King which were in slightly more cramped spaces. From each, I received a weapon and a hat or mask. One of the hats I received was known as a “Ripening Compost Cap”. The description for the hat included the designer of the hat, and I assume this was a player. I had completely forgotten that Trove allowed player creations like this, and I particularly like that they can be distributed to other players via drops.

Birdo Trove First Impressions

When I was fighting I had a bad habit of hitting Q. I was trying to strafe (I blame Guild Wars 2), but instead consumed multiple Elysian Flasks which are used to restore 40% of health on use.

Combat for the Candy Barbarian felt a bit sluggish when only performing the basic attack, but occasionally when attacked the Candy Barbarian will drop rage-inducing Gum Drops which increase attack and movement speed. During those moments combat felt pretty good. I could also tolerate the sluggish basic attack because the accompanying sound effect reminded me of a Birdo when it launches an egg.

If I had to be nitpicky about anything during my short time playing Trove it would have to be the UI. The UI doesn’t quite match the feeling I get from the world of Trove. It’s a little bland and I guess just not as fun as the world it’s pasted on top of.

Overall, I enjoyed my time in Trove and plan to return in the future.

My play session ended with me happening upon a cornerstone, where I decided to take a rest among the dancing fireflies and watch as the colors of the sky changed.

trove 2015-08-03 14-14-22-342
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