Trove First Impressions: Part I

Blaugust Day 5

trove 2015-08-03 13-48-41-617

This summer has been interesting in that I have been doing very little gaming. I keep telling myself I don’t have any time to get in a good play session, so instead I jump into a couple games for daily login rewards jump out and call it a day. I tell myself I don’t have time for this or that, when most of the time, I’m just not making the time.

So, on Monday before I dove into my feedly to catch-up with Blaugust I forced myself to take 20-30 minutes and actually play a game. Trove, like Star Wars: The Old Republic, is something I have been meaning to play. I’ve kept it updated for awhile but just haven’t taken the time to give it a try.

After being welcomed by some charming music as I waited for the game to load I was presented with a choice between 9 different classes with names like Pirate Captain, Neon Ninja, and Candy Barbarian to name a few. Having done no previous research I elected for the Candy Barbarian and was dropped into the game.

First thing I did was open up the control settings to find out how to turn on and off the UI, because screenshots. Once that very important step was taken care of I paused to take in the colorful world of Trove. The clouds immediately caught my eye. I have’t pinpointed exactly why yet, but I love the clouds in Trove.

trove 2015-08-03 13-51-40-016

The next thing I noticed was a small cube with a mustache. Turns out the cube’s name is Qubesly, and he is your cubic butler. His purpose is still a mystery to me besides featuring in a tip screen, which I just noticed as I write this post. Although it was nice to have a little companion with me as I traveled.

trove 2015-08-03 13-48-39-848

After defeating the tutorial boss I was sent to the Hub world and was immediately directed toward the Novice world. The Novice world was where I spent most of my play time. When I got to the Novice world my objective was to claim a cornerstone which would act as a persistent home that would travel with me between worlds. Since I knew I only wanted to play for a short time that day I decided I didn’t want to commit to anything and chose to go off and explore.

To be continued…

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